Our seven-area approach stems from applicable laws, rules and guidelines as well as the industry’s best practices.

This approach will alleviate the task of both the sponsor (employer) and participants (employees) and improve their financial knowledge and wellness.

1. Legal, fiscal structure and rules (design) of the plan

  • Choice of type of plan according to the objectives and constraints of the sponsor
  • Writing, maintaining and following the rules of the plan
  • VRSP exemption
  • Competitive employee benefits as a recruitment and retention tool

2. Choice, management and monitoring of providers

  • Independently monitor the providers’ offers
  • Choice of provider: an optimal solution at best value for money
  • Collaboration to maximize the sponsor-participant experience

3. Services

  • Basic (by providers, quality control by BGY)
    • Customer service, transactional services
    • Training on retirement, investments and the pension plan
    • Custodial services, reports
    • Employer assistance in plan operations


  • Added value to the sponsor
    • Coordination and monitoring, ensuring the quality of the provider’s  services
    • Support for payroll integration and auditing
    • Enrollment support: Monitoring, education and time-efficiency tools for the sponsor
    • Plan review
    • Education for Benefits Managers
    • Analysis of the competitiveness of the sponsor’s benefits
    • Integration with total compensation
    • Practical assistance in communications to participants
    • A simple enrollment process that fosters the participant’s education and reduces employer involvement


  • Added value for participants
    • Financial education program (multiple conferences with practical benefits)
    • Direct consultant-participant contact to ensure satisfaction
    • Management of the participants’ external investments
    • Retirement Planning
    • Advice and guidance on their financial situation (taxation, insurance, investments, etc.)
    • Individual coaching

4. Investments

  • Choice and flexibility (à la carte options and portfolios)
  • Performance and risk management
  • Easily accessible
  • Selection of the best investment options on the market (independence)

5. Fees

  • Optimization of the global equation
  • Better risk-adjusted return and value creation for participants

6. Compliance

  • Laws
  • Guidelines
  • Reports and continuous follow-ups
  • Development of guiding principles
  • Development of applied policies
  • Assistance in the production of mandatory documents

7. Monitoring

  • General monitoring of all areas
  • Customized follow-ups at BGY:
    • Annual compliance reports
    • Ongoing monitoring of participant satisfaction
    • Active monitoring of investment options
    • Review of financial habits of participants
    • Continuously review the competitiveness of the conditions offered by the provider