Founded in 2006, Brassard Goulet Yargeau, Integrated financial services (BGY) takes a personalized approach with its clients and provides a full suite of innovative services. Over the years, the firm has developed a recognized expertise in integrated personal financial planning, estate and philanthropic planning as well as in financial services for businesses.


Rigor. Integrity. Creativity.

Essentially, BGY is:

  • 3 offices: Montreal, Quebec and Toronto
  • 4 partners
  • 50 employees (and growing)
  • A multidisciplinary team: accountants, lawyers, financial planners, portfolio managers, notaries, tax specialists, actuaries, investment advisors, financial security advisors, pension and group insurance plan advisors, CFAs, CAIAs and more.
  • Fee transparency
  • An extensive network of independently selected suppliers and partners
  • Three business line
    • Wealth management
    • Financial, estate and philanthropic planning
    • Financial services for businesses

This website features only BGY’s Financial services for businesses. To know more about the other business lines or the firm’s global offer, please visit www.brassardgouletyargeau.com